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Wine Not Whine

Whiskey Diversion

Whether you spell whiskey with an “ey” or an “y,”, this is for you! Excuse me, isn’t this a blog about wine? Did I take a wrong turn somewhere? Stay with me folks, I’m just keeping you sharp. Who…

Wine Not Whine

No whining in the No-West!

HOLLA! What’s this west coast girl doing in New York City? Well, that is a story for another day – but if there is one thing I love, it is wine from the west coast, and especially the Northwest…

Wine Not Whine

You had me at Chablis..

What can a girl say about Chablis? It’s kinda the middle child of Burgundy. You know, the amazing, kick a** kid who is left in the shadows of the younger and older siblings? Chablis is in fact located in…

Wine Not Whine

Uncorking the North Fork..

When your friend says, “Let’s go visit some wineries in Long Island”, you don’t ask questions – you just go. Especially ‘sans kids’… need I say more? My wine-writer friend, Amanda Barnes of 80 Harvests (, and I made…

FEATURED Wine Not Whine

iFavine… I think I love you!

My hubby and I have a rule. Ok, I have a rule: no appliances as gifts. If you give me a blender for my birthday, it’s going back. The kids on the other hand will take anything. An empty…

Wine Not Whine

Wine and Arsenic

So, back to Florida a few weeks ago when we were on VACA!  You know vacation, right? Of course you don’t, you have KIDS!  Which meant every night, we would wrestle with dining IN or OUT. (I wish there was an In-N-Out…