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Favorite White Wines

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    Wine Not Whine

    Resolution time!

    I’m not much of a new year’s resolution person. Let’s be honest, with the amount of sleep I get with three kids, I forget the resolution I’ve made about 2 hours…

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    Wine Not Whine

    Tis’ the season…

    I’m sitting here trying to study Central Italy, if you ask. One child is grabbing my notes from the printer, extremely enthusiastically. Another child just got diagnosed with strep throat, and…

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    Wine Not Whine

    Common Core Wine

    Lately, my kids have been bringing home math homework that is, in ‘plain english’, a mother’s nightmare. The basics behind it are to form critical thinking skills, but while aiming for…

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    Wine Not Whine

    Thankful for Wine

    It’s that time of year again. You know, where the kids’ table gets further and further away from the ADULT table? Joking aside (kind of), this is my favorite holiday because…

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    Wine Not Whine

    Halloween crazed..

    Lets be honest. Who hasn’t secretly enjoyed the kids stash of Halloween candy. A midnight snack? HELLO? Yes, please! My kids might be catching on. I may or may not have…

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    Wine Not Whine

    Express Yourself!

    My son is loud. He has taken lately to bird calling (he’s four)… it’s not scientific, it’s just loud. Although it is slightly endearing, especially early in the morning when the…