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    Wine Not Whine


    California dreaming on such a winter’s day….  Napa recap: Anytime you go an adventure to wine country, a lot of preparation needs to be made. I mean, whatever will I wear…

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    Wine Not Whine

    Top 20!!

    Thank you @healthymomsmagazine for naming me top 20 blog! I know there are a lot of blogs out there! SO A BIG SHOUT OUT for reading my blog!…

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    Wine Not Whine

    Cheap and Easy (part deux)

    Part deux of can cheap wine be good? Money, money, money.. No this is not your child’s mantra, although it could be! ‘Shopkins’ might be making a dent in my wine…

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    Wine Not Whine

    Cheap and easy! (Part one)

    When traveling, try not to end up at a ‘dry’ place on #nationaldrinkwineday! Please. Although, let’s be honest, what day isn’t #nationaldrinkwineday? Especially for this mother! Magic kingdom would earn the…

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    Wine Not Whine

    Mambo Italiano

    So a funny thing happened on the way to an Italian wine event. I promise I wasn’t singing the old Dean Martin standard Mambo Italiano… that would have been embarrassing. Nope.…

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    Wine Not Whine

    What’s on the menu?

    In the midst of my studying, I was briefly interrupted by the TV. As a parent, I would never allow this kind of studying, but hey, I’m the boss. I perked…

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    Wine Not Whine

    Resolution time!

    I’m not much of a new year’s resolution person. Let’s be honest, with the amount of sleep I get with three kids, I forget the resolution I’ve made about 2 hours…