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Wine Not Whine

Wine Not Whine

Mambo Italiano

So a funny thing happened on the way to an Italian wine event. I promise I wasn’t singing the old Dean Martin standard Mambo Italiano… that would have been embarrassing. Nope. Ok. That is what I was doing, while…

Wine Not Whine

What’s on the menu?

In the midst of my studying, I was briefly interrupted by the TV. As a parent, I would never allow this kind of studying, but hey, I’m the boss. I perked up because the segment was about wine selection…

Wine Not Whine

Resolution time!

I’m not much of a new year’s resolution person. Let’s be honest, with the amount of sleep I get with three kids, I forget the resolution I’ve made about 2 hours after I make it. If I did make…

Wine Not Whine

Tis’ the season…

I’m sitting here trying to study Central Italy, if you ask. One child is grabbing my notes from the printer, extremely enthusiastically. Another child just got diagnosed with strep throat, and the third is beginning to feel a little…

Wine Not Whine

Common Core Wine

Lately, my kids have been bringing home math homework that is, in ‘plain english’, a mother’s nightmare. The basics behind it are to form critical thinking skills, but while aiming for a higher thought process, it seems to leave…

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Wine Not Whine

Thankful for Wine

It’s that time of year again. You know, where the kids’ table gets further and further away from the ADULT table? Joking aside (kind of), this is my favorite holiday because it is about food and wine. It’s the…

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Wine Not Whine

Wine shops, toy shops and more..

Recently, while in the midst of chaos in the middle of Toys R us, I got to thinking why isn’t there a wine bar in the toy store.? Ok, only kidding, my kids are angels when we go shopping.…