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Wine Not Whine

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Wine Not Whine

Bubbles GLORIA-OUS bubbles

Who doesn’t love a little bubbly? I had a recent visit to the Gloria Ferrer vineyard, sans kids could I just add. It left me falling in love with the bubbles once again. It’s not typically what I reach…

Wine Not Whine

Hello, Lodi! No whining here!

  Lodi, CA. MY friends look baffled when I tell them where I’m going. My kids ask if they have a Target in Lodi. “Can you get us presents?” Really, they don’t care – they just want something shiny!…

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Wine Not Whine

Drinks well with others…

What’s a mom to do…and where has this mom been? On the eve of my ‘big test,’ the odds seemed stacked against me. Child one broke out in hives. Just for fun? I don’t know. Still no idea why.…

Wine Not Whine


California dreaming on such a winter’s day….  Napa recap: Anytime you go an adventure to wine country, a lot of preparation needs to be made. I mean, whatever will I wear with no kids climbing all over me, spilling…

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Wine Not Whine

Top 20!!

Thank you @healthymomsmagazine for naming me top 20 blog! I know there are a lot of blogs out there! SO A BIG SHOUT OUT for reading my blog!…

Wine Not Whine

Cheap and Easy (part deux)

Part deux of can cheap wine be good? Money, money, money.. No this is not your child’s mantra, although it could be! ‘Shopkins’ might be making a dent in my wine budget. If you don’t know what Shopkins are,…

Wine Not Whine

Cheap and easy! (Part one)

When traveling, try not to end up at a ‘dry’ place on #nationaldrinkwineday! Please. Although, let’s be honest, what day isn’t #nationaldrinkwineday? Especially for this mother! Magic kingdom would earn the title ‘happiest place on earth’ if it actually…