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FEATURED Wine Not Whine

Pinot Crazed…

I am standing in line with a couple hundred people. We are not here for Taylor Swift or to audition for the Voice, we are here celebrating Pinot Noir at a salmon bake under a grove of old mossy oak…

FEATURED Wine Not Whine

All corked out….

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, or what I like to call the best curve ball of all-time – KIDS. I used to say a lot of things like,  ” I would never give my child sugar,” or…

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FEATURED Wine Not Whine

Living on a prayer..

My kids ask A LOT of questions. The other day my son asked my friend where babies come from.  Not kidding!  Her response was something along the lines of, “uh, you pray and ask God.”  To which my daughter…

FEATURED Wine Not Whine

iFavine… I think I love you!

My hubby and I have a rule. Ok, I have a rule: no appliances as gifts. If you give me a blender for my birthday, it’s going back. The kids on the other hand will take anything. An empty…

FEATURED Wine Not Whine

Mother’s Day !

Motherhood is not something I take lightly. The lightheartedness in which I write does not reflect the absolute thankfulness I feel when I look at my kids. They are ALL miracles and I love that three kids can be…