Wine Not Whine

Drinks well with others…

What’s a mom to do…and where has this mom been?

On the eve of my ‘big test,’ the odds seemed stacked against me. Child one broke out in hives. Just for fun? I don’t know. Still no idea why. Child 2 developed a 103 fever, later diagnosed with strep throat, and child 3 injured his hand, as in, OUCH. All in the span of an hour. At least I had about 6 glasses of wine in front of me. Bottoms up. #blindtastingpractice

It’s not like I’ve been studying for this test for the past 8 months or anything. I stopped, took a breath and realized that this is my life. This wonderful, crazy, amazing, hysterical, joyous, exhausting thing fraught with random illness and all is called motherhood. My life would be dull – and relaxed – without it.

All joking aside, the odds are stacked against us (mothers) when we try to study or do anything that requires us to sit down and focus. Really, any time we sit down, something triggers a silent alarm that only kids hear: ALERT! Your mom sat down and is trying to chill! Please do everything you can to disturb that! My studying became extremely creative: late at night, at Starbucks (with kids) and at the playground, swimming pool, ballet, basketball, you name it. A mother has to do what a mother has to do.

The ‘big’ test is one of six exams I have to take for the Diploma WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) program. I’ve passed 4, but this is the big kahuna. My life, my blog and my waist line have suffered as a result of this test. I joke that in order to taste and evaluate the requisite 12 blind wines at 10am and then go on to hours of essay questions, I’d need to drink a bottle a night for ‘liver training.’

The last month up to the exam was like a marathon, with my partner in crime, my friend Linda, and I running gauntlet of training our palate and quizzing each other on the most obscure regions, grapes and wine laws, classifications, and pretty much everything else to do with wine. But really, who can recall all of this information? The third kid has destroyed my ability to recall anything. Wait, what was I saying?

Everyone (and I mean, everyone) asks me what I am going to do when I pass. I actually can’t answer that question. I’ll just be really qualified to recommend your wine! Actually I am just really qualified to drink right now. #cheers!

Caveat: At the end of the day, drinking wine does not require a degree. Just ask my hubby! He does just fine without one… and has one of the best palates I know! So sit back and enjoy! And wish me luck… awaiting results!!!

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