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    No whining in the No-West!

    ken wright pinot

    HOLLA! What’s this west coast girl doing in New York City? Well, that is a story for another day – but if there is one thing I love, it is wine from the west coast, and especially the Northwest region. I recently attended an event in NYC with a few of my favorite winemakers from the Pacific Northwest—that is Washington and Oregon for the geographically challenged folks! Shout Out to the International Wine Society for letting me attend. What’s better…

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  • Wine Not Whine

    You had me at Chablis..

    What can a girl say about Chablis? It’s kinda the middle child of Burgundy. You know, the amazing, kick a** kid who is left in the shadows of the younger and…

  • thanksgiving-wine-pic
    Wine Not Whine

    Eat, drink and be THANKFUL!

    Just look around the corner… it’s Thanksgiving! Put aside your political comments and be thankful for one another (even for family members’ who voted for the “other” party!). Really, put the…

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    Wine Not Whine

    Uncorking the North Fork..

    When your friend says, “Let’s go visit some wineries in Long Island”, you don’t ask questions – you just go. Especially ‘sans kids’… need I say more? My wine-writer friend, Amanda…

  • GF ice buckett
    Wine Not Whine

    Bubbles GLORIA-OUS bubbles

    Who doesn’t love a little bubbly? I had a recent visit to the Gloria Ferrer vineyard, sans kids could I just add. It left me falling in love with the bubbles…

  • IMG_6345
    Wine Not Whine

    Hello, Lodi! No whining here!

      Lodi, CA. MY friends look baffled when I tell them where I’m going. My kids ask if they have a Target in Lodi. “Can you get us presents?” Really, they…

  • Holly wine blog pic 1 (burton)
    Wine Not Whine

    Drinks well with others…

    What’s a mom to do…and where has this mom been? On the eve of my ‘big test,’ the odds seemed stacked against me. Child one broke out in hives. Just for…