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    Wine Not Whine

    Rosé for all seasons!

    Who doesn’t like a little pink? I have two girls, so there is a lot of pink in my world. Sorry to my youngest offsping, Max–you did sport a few hand me downs in gentlemen’s pink. It’s OK- you survived. In the wine world—Rosé has been gaining popularity and status. It is no longer thought of as special pink wine just for chicks, but as a serious wine! #brose is actually happening which makes my heart happy because demand creates…

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  • Wine Not Whine

    Loving on Local-Amanti Vino

    I field questions. All day long, I just chill, do my mom thang and people see me, hug me and then ask me about wine. I’m not complaining-it’s my thing, and…

  • Wine Not Whine

    Whiskey Diversion

    Whether you spell whiskey with an “ey” or an “y,”, this is for you! Excuse me, isn’t this a blog about wine? Did I take a wrong turn somewhere? Stay with…

  • Wine Not Whine

    A little trip into Portugal..

    Are you dreaming of an island? Or at least cliffs, mountains, a coastal strip? Yea, we’ve been binging on Game of Thrones, and now I’m slightly dreaming of sipping some chilled…

  • Wine Not Whine

    C’est La Vie

    What’s a girl to do? I stumble through the kitchen adding milk to my water instead of my coffee, trip over a pile of laundry (in the kitchen? why is that…

  • Wine Not Whine

    No whining in the No-West!

    HOLLA! What’s this west coast girl doing in New York City? Well, that is a story for another day – but if there is one thing I love, it is wine…

  • Wine Not Whine

    You had me at Chablis..

    What can a girl say about Chablis? It’s kinda the middle child of Burgundy. You know, the amazing, kick a** kid who is left in the shadows of the younger and…